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    Do-It-Yourself: Weekend Bathroom Upgrades

    If you’re an avid do-it-yourself-er, you’re probably always looking for a fun weekend project. From crafty upcycles to simple home renovations, there’s always something that could use a bit of a refresh. When you spend your weekends working on home-improvement projects here and there, you may be ready to take on a bigger project!

    Upgrading your bathroom is a perfect weekend-long project. Even if your design plan is simple, getting it right might take a little longer than one day. Here are some simple DIY projects to give your bathroom new life – in just one weekend!

    bathroom plumbing

    1. A Vanity Replacement

    There’s no better way to overhaul the look of your bathroom than to swap out your old vanity for something new. A new vanity can be purchased at your local hardware store – sometimes for as little at $200. If you do decide to replace your vanity, you should be at least a little familiar with plumbing. You’ll need to disconnect your old vanity, and then reconnect the new one to the plumbing. But if you’re not comfortable hooking a new vanity up, then it’s best to look for plumbers in Lancaster, PA that can help.

    2. Add a Coat of Paint

    A fresh coat of paint has a way of transforming just about any space. There’s no exception here for your bathroom. Choosing an airy paint color can turn your tired space into a dreamy spa getaway. A bold paint color can turn your bathroom into a sunny space. If you’re not comfortable with your plumbing skills to replace a vanity yourself, simply paint your old one! People even go as far to paint their outdated floors for a brand new look!

    3. Swap your Fixtures

    If you’re taking the time to add a new vanity, or just paint the one you have, it’s also a good idea to update your fixtures. Replacing worn-out fixtures really helps to modernize your space. The sky is the limit when it comes to your drawer pulls or towel hangers – you can choose to go with a more modern clean look, or keep it classy with vintage design. No matter what your style is, simply swapping your fixtures is an excellent way to communicate it.

    wainscoting in bathroom

    4. A Touch of Trim

    Nothing says “sophistication” like trim. From crown molding to wainscoting, a little visual interest on your walls really upgrades the space. You’d also be surprised at how different a cabinet door can look when you add a little trim to the outer edges. All you need is a little skill with some nails or wood glue, and you can add trim yourself. A fresh coat of paint to make the trim stand-out will complete the look!

    5. Re-do Décor

    You don’t want to spend a whole weekend updating your bathroom just to move your old decorations back in. This could create a serious mismatch in styles, making all your hard work feel less successful. A bathroom refresh is the perfect opportunity to update your style too. Investing in a new shower curtain, rug, towels, and accessories will help match your newly upgraded space. This is where you can really exercise your creativity to create a space that matches your life and your personality!

    You don’t need a huge budget, a lot of time, or years of experience to upgrade your bathroom. A weekend is really all you need to add some new paint and fresh finishes. Next time you have house guests, they won’t believe it only took you a weekend to transform your bathroom!