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    Made in the USA: The Biggest Players

    It’s no secret that as the years have passed, manufacturing in the United States has changed. Less is being made here as the cost of outsourcing to other countries becomes the cheaper option. As more and more companies make the move to outsourcing their production, some industries are still hanging on to the “made in the USA” label.

    Let’s explore the some of the biggest and most popular industries still producing their goods right here in the USA:

    charcoal grill

    1. Cooking Products

    Some of the most well-known cooking products are still made here in the USA! From products for indoor and outdoor cooking to measuring and baking, they’re production has stayed put. KitchenAid’s famous mixer has been produced in Ohio since its birth in 1915. Outside of the kitchen, the high-end grills by Weber have been manufactured in the United States for over 60 years. Even Pyrex glass measuring cups are still made in the USA for all of your cooking needs!

    2. Home Goods

    From 7 gallon buckets for paints and oils to vacuum cleaners, home goods are another industry that have lasted the test of time. One of the top cleaning brands in the US is still made here! Oreck Vacuums still manufactures its most famous model in Tennessee. While it moved operations to China for a short time, Oreck holds true to its first model. And when it comes to homes on the go, Airstream campers continue to be made in America!

    3. Kids Toys

    With new toy on the market every other day, most people probably think all toys are made overseas. But, some of the most classic are still made in America every day! Crayola crayons are produced at their plants in Pennsylvania. Other classic toys like the original Slinky, the Wiffle Ball, and the Louisville Slugger bat are proud to be made in the USA. Some toys never go out of style!

    motorcycle ride

    4. Sports & Recreation

    Every football ever used in a professional NFL football game has been made by Wilson. In an effort to control quality, this iconic football manufacturer still makes all of their balls in the United States – and has been since 1955! In a list about products manufactured in the USA, you can’t leave off Harley Davidson. With four factories in the USA, Harley has been able to hold off their foreign competition to keep manufacturing the same since 1903.

    5. Food & Pantry

    When it comes to food, people are becoming more concerned about where it’s being produced. To stock your pantry, you can count on Annie’s products. With everything from mac and cheese to canned soup and salad dressing, Annie’s is a leader in the natural food movement. This line of natural, organic products has been made in the USA for over 25 years. On the other hand, for a sweet treat, Hershey’s Chocolate has been manufacturing chocolatey sweets in Pennsylvania since the early 1900’s!

    6. Miscellaneous

    We couldn’t end our list without mentioning a few more famous American made companies! Most people might not know that Post-It Notes have been made in the USA since their invention in 1977. Also, iconic brands such as Gibson Guitars and Smith & Wesson firearms continue to be made in the USA every day!