Opening Up: Spring Cleaning Checklist

As the weather warms up around the country, the last thing you want is stay inside and clean. The first full day of sunshine and warmer weather beg us to get outside. Opening your house up and getting rid of the winter weight is a healthy spring ritual. So, it’s a good idea to set aside a little time to spring clean your home before the warm weather is in full-swing.

Just because you should air out the house and clean up the winter funk doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot of time doing it. There are a few simple things you should definitely take care of – the rest can be done when you see fit.

Ready for warmer weather? Here’s your spring cleaning checklist:

1. Wash Up

You’ve been washing your sheets and blankets all winter – but what about your other bedding and fabrics? A warm spring day is perfect for opening the house and washing everything you can get your hands on! Throw all of your bed and couch pillows into the washer. If your couch has a removable cover, you should wash that too. Don’t’ stop there – you can also wash things like small throw rugs (as long as there’s no rubber backing) and even curtains! This will help everything look, feel, and smell fresher!

2. Check your Units

Spring cleaning is all about getting ready for warmer weather, summer included. When your heat goes off, it won’t be long until you’ll want to run your air conditioner – at least for a little bit. One of the most important things to include on your spring cleaning checklist is to have your HVAC system checked by a professional in York, PA. Long, cold winters can do a number on air condition units. You want to make sure everything is safe to run – keeping you and your family healthy all season long.

3. De-Grime the Fridge

In order to detoxify from the winter blues, you should also de-grime your fridge. When you’re not sure if there are still Christmas dinner leftovers in the back of your fridge, it could use a good cleaning. Get rid of any old food, taking it out to the trash immediately. For a deep clean, remove everything – washing all of the shelves and drawers with a disinfectant cleaner.

4. Toss It

Spring is a great time to rid yourself of old and germy products. It’s a perfect time to get rid of kitchen sponges and bathroom toilet brushes. This way, you can start your spring cleaning with fresh cleaning products. It’s also a good idea to replace and old washcloths or shower loofas. These have a way of holding on to germs and bacteria – you don’t want to be washing with dirt!

5. Scrub All Over

Brighter, longer days, dirt and grime on your walls and baseboards become that much more obvious. Filling a bucket with some warm, soapy water and attacking your baseboards doesn’t take long. A few swipes with a soapy washcloth can reveal spotless boards. You won’t believe how much of a difference this makes in the room as a whole. You can also wash walls in your kitchen or living room that receive a lot of wear and tear – you’ll be amazed at how it brightens your space!

You don’t have to go overboard with spring cleaning to make your home feel fresh and new! Make sure you do these few things – then get outside and enjoy!